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xShare: Enable Impromptu Sharing of Mobile Phones

xShare enables friendly, efficient, and secure phone sharing on existing mobile phones. With xShare, the owner is able to decide which applications and files to be shared. Based on the owner’s deicision, xShare creates a virtual environment for the borrower and ensures that only the explicitly shared applications and files are accessible. xShare also allows the owner to manage the data created or changed by the borrower.




Yunxin Liu, Ahmad Rahmati, Yuanhe Huang, Hyukjae Jang, Lin Zhong,Yongguang Zhang, and Shensheng Zhang,"xShare: Supporting Impromptu Sharing of Mobile Phones," in ACM/USENIX Int. Conf. Mobile Systems, Applications, and Services (MobiSys), June 2009. 


Joint work with Lin Zhong and Ahmad Rahmati, Rice University.

Visiting students:

Yuanhe Huang, Tsinghua University, China.

Hyukjae Jang, KAIST, Korea.