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Whisper: Windows Highly Intelligent Speech Recognizer

Our first ASR system

We are trying to perfect the ability of computers to recognize human speech by building speech and language models that are accurate, efficient, and easy to use. Our goal is to make human-computer interaction more natural. Our speech recognition engine, code-named Whisper (Windows Highly Intelligent SPEech Recognizer), offers state-of-the-art speaker-independent continuous speech recognition. The Whisper speech engine has been shipped by our Speech Products Group as part of the SAPI SDK, which in turn has been shipped in Microsoft Phone and Microsoft Agent, Microsoft Encarta, Windows 2000, Office XP and Windows XP. You can watch a video (1 min. Windows Media at 500kbit/sec) demonstration of the Whisper engine as used in the Japanese version of Office XP.

Xuedong Huang
Xuedong Huang