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Wayve is a household messaging device, developed in collaboration with F-Map, and inspired by some of our other situated displays, especially TxtBoard and HomeNote.

Wayve supports the flexible creation of various kinds of content, which can be displayed locally within the home or sent to others. Householders can scribble and draw using a stylus or their fingers, they can take photos with a camera in the top corner, and they can type using an on-screen keyboard. This content can then be sent to mobile phones, email accounts or to other Wayves, and messages received from these sources form a non-intrusive but glanceable scrolling display.


A three-month field trial of Wayve across 24 households showed the device as providing a rich and expressive form of messaging. The findings echoed the types of messaging previously seen with HomeNote, while emphasising in particular the playful behaviours that underpin social relationships, and highlighting the ways in which extended families display affection.