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Built around a multi-touch surface, VPlay allows users to manipulate video in real time. Digital objects representing video clips, effects and mixers are displayed on the surface and can be easily arranged to create an ever changing video output. Designed to support the practice of VJing, or live video mixing, the novel user interface opens up new possibilities for collaboration and explores the use of touch interfaces in new environments.

digital lifestyles "This is one of the coolest things we’ve seen in a long time." 

Mobile UI Blog "There is an aspect of this software that I've totally fallen in love with. In a graph view, move two items together, and they will automagically connect. It's so playful and elegeant and wonderful."

John Mullinax Blog "This VPlay app for Microsoft Surface is definitely a must-see..."



October 2009: A new video demo'ing VPlay has been released on Channel 9.

September 2009: VPlay is being featured as one of a number of Surface demo's in an exhibition called "The Magic of Software" at the Swiss Technorama Science Center.

Other press coverage and news can be found on a separate VPlay press page here.


There is a video posted on Vimeo that provides an overview of VPlay (the same video is also available on YouTube here). There's also a couple of videos on YouTube here and here.


Electrovision is a regular event held in London which provides a forum for VJs to share their work. In March 2009 we were invited to perform at one of these events and there are some photos here.

Conferences and Presentations

British Computer Society HCI Conference: We did another demo of VPlay during the open house session of the conference. There are loads of photos of the conference and few of VPlay here.

CHI Conference: We presented a short paper at the CHI 2009 conference which covers VPlay in more detail.

TEI Conference: VPlay was demo'd at the TEI 2009 conference, and has been blogged here: