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U Rank

Check out the screencast of our U Rank prototype

What is U Rank?

U Rank is a search engine that allows people to organize, edit and annotate search results, as well as share information with others.

We believe that finding something on the web is only the first step for many tasks. To better support people as they are exploring a topic, comparing information, keeping track of what they're learning, and collaborating with others, U Rank has general support for organizing, annotating, remembering, and sharing search results.

U Rank is a research prototype, to help us learn more about how people use such technologies so we can continue to innovate.

How is it useful?

Here are some of the things we’ve found it useful for...

... We use U Rank for organizing and annotating sites... and for keeping lists of stuff... Collaboration: Sharing web sites, work related to a project, useful tools, etc., with others.... Recommendations
[Yes, it looks like we should file a bug on our handling of accented characters] Nifty multimedia result sets: You can mix video and images with regular web results.And, of course, how could we forget ego-boosting?Plus, its fun to see what friends are sharing

Contact us

Contact us by email at

Project Members

  • Emre Kıcıman
  • Chun-Kai Wang
  • Shuo Chen
  • Konstantin Mertsalov (intern, summer 2008)
  • And many thanks to help, advice and feedback from Susan Dumais, Jer Gallagher, Greg Linden, Merrie Morris, Robert Rounthwaite, Jaime Teevan, Kuansan Wang, Yi-Min Wang, and many others.