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Industrial Research Collaboration (IRC) Proposals

An often repeated question that comes up in Software Engineering and Programming Language conferences: How does one work with industry to get access to data? A common answer is that you need personal contacts in the industrial organization to facilitate such a collaboration. This hinders scientific progress and disadvantages new faculty.

The Tools for Software Engineering team (Microsoft’s Corp R&D), the Empirical Software Engineering group and Connections group in Microsoft Research have come together to put forth a proposal for Industry-Academia collaboration using Microsoft’s engineering data

We would like to invite interested researchers to submit proposals for performing studies using Microsoft’s CODEMINE data, whose goal is measurable improvement of the engineering process effectiveness or efficiency. Proposals will be reviewed by MSR and TSE and selected proposals will be enabled for performing the studies. We are interested in, although not limited to the following topics:

  • Agile software development
  • Computer-supported collaborative work
  • Configuration management and deployment
  • Dependability, safety and reliability
  • Distributed, web-based and internet-scale SE
  • Empirical SE
  • End user software engineering
  • Processes and workflow
  • Program and test comprehension and visualization
  • Revision engineering and software maintenance
  • Software components and reuse
  • Software economics and metrics
  • Software testing and analysis
  • Tools and development environments

Proposal format: 5 pages maximum, single column, 11 point font. Broadly describe the problem, the intellectual merits and why this research problem is important to the community. Briefly state how many people would be involved in the project (for example, 1 Professor, 1 PhD student etc.), the data required for the project. Projects are expected to be 8-12 weeks in duration (not including any writing up for papers).

If you have any questions, please contact either the ESE or TSE group via their webpages. The work is expected to be performed at MSR Redmond. The students will work as interns and will be eligible for all benefits as normal interns.

For more info please see: The faculty member will also visit MSR for the same period (depending on their availability) for 8-12 weeks as a paid business visitor.

CODEMINE whitepaper is available at

TSE team webpage:, ESE web page:

Please email your submissions to:, due: July 10, 2013