Tools for Software Engineers

Enabling Microsoft to develop software at the speed of thought.

The Tools for Software Engineers (TSE) team is creating a future where Microsoft's software engineering systems are considered best-in-class industry wide.

Current Projects:

CloudDev - bring all of the positive network effects afforded by cloud computing to the practice of software development at Microsoft. Provides cloud-based build, test, and analytics services to product groups across Microsoft. The first short-term objective is to shorten the continuous integration cycle time - the minimum time required for a typical source code change to move from check-in to compiled and unit tested binary.

CodeMine - provide the right data, at the right time, in the right context for making engineering decisions. Building a Software Analytics Platform for Collecting and Analyzing Engineering Process Data at Microsoft.

TSE has combination of world class engineers and leading software engineering researchers. Our customers are product groups like Windows, Windows Phone, Office, Azure, Xbox, Bing, SQL, Developer Division, Dynamics, and others.

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