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  • Built-in Trinity Client: Rich set of CLI tools as well as GUI tools to interact with Trinity engine.
  • An interactive C# console: All functions from .Net library as well as Trinity library are at your fingers.
  • Enhanced windows shell: Compatible with windows default shell ‘cmd’, but with many enhancements, such as context-aware auto completion, dynamic user-defined command handler binding, …

Built-in Trinity Client

Built-in Trinity client

File Deployment

Deploying job files to Trinity cluster with a single command

Starting Parallel Jobs

Starting parallel jobs with a single command


Interactive C# Console

Code Auto-Completion

Built-in lightweight code editor with code auto-completion

Enhanced Windows Shell

Enhanced Windows Command Console

Graphical Configuration Editor

Graphical Trinity configuration editor

GUI/CLI Trinity Slave Monitor

GUI/CLI Trinity Slave Monitor

Process of graph generation billion node graph generator

Existing graph generators cannot generate large graphs efficiently. Trinity provides a fast billion node graph generator which can generate a 1 billion node graph of power law distribution in 15m.