• Conversion of text from one script to another

• Translation of named entities

• Conversion of text from Romanized Arabic to native Arabic script


Translation of Named Entities

The Transliterator provides translation of named entities, such as human and city names, from English to Arabic and vice versa. This also enhances the quality of machine translation from and to Arabic.

Transliteration of Text

The Transliterator provides conversion of text from Romanized Arabic to Arabic with the aim of increasing the amount of Arabic text on the Internet at the expense of Romanized Arabic.

Candidate Generation

The Transliterator provides more than one candidate transliteration for a given word, enabling the user to select a different candidate if the automatically suggested one is not sufficiently accurate.


Transliterate Text: Convert text from the script of the source language to the target language

Generate Candidates: Provide one or more candidate transliteration for a given word


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