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Frequently Asked Questions

Who Participates in ThinkWeek?
Any full time employee at Microsoft may participate in ThinkWeek in a number of roles:

  • Chair – Call chairs are selected based on their expertise and/or area of interest. They are Technical Fellows, Distinguished Engineers, Senior Technologists, Executives, and recognized thought leaders from across the company.
  • Reviewer – Call reviewers are appointed by the Call chair. These are employees who are considered experts in the area pertaining to a specific Call.
  • ThinkWeek Author – Any full time Microsoft employee or intern interested in engaging in thoughtful discourse pertaining to the future of Microsoft is invited to author ThinkWeek content.
  • ThinkWeek Community – All full time employees and interns have access to the ThinkWeek archives and are invited to read and comment on all ThinkWeek contributions.

How does ThinkWeek work?
Chairs issue ThinkWeek Calls for content throughout the year, inviting employees to contribute content addressing the Call. Authors may contribute content at any point while the Call is open. Once the Call closes, the papers are reviewed by both the reviewers and the chair. All ThinkWeek papers and feedback are published to the ThinkWeek site and the community is invited to read interesting papers and join the ongoing conversation.

Why participate in ThinkWeek?
Participants in ThinkWeek are thought leaders who contribute to a dialogue that impacts the future of Microsoft. Authors who contribute papers and content receiving 5 star ratings receive the “Best of ThinkWeek” distinction and additional recognition and visibility.

How many ThinkWeek papers result in new products or features?
It is important to recognize that ThinkWeek is not an idea pipeline. It is not a mechanism by which ideas are contributed and promptly get realized as products or features. ThinkWeek is a dialogue designed to catalyze disruption and change thinking at the company.

What tools are used to run the program?
The ThinkWeek program and process is managed using a SharePoint site.

How do I find out more about ThinkWeek?
You can direct any question you may have to .