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Talent Hunt Contest

Talent Hunt Poster

Lekha is the new winner of Talent Hunt


The winner of the twelfth week of Talent Hunt is Lekha from Hyderabad. Lekha's talent (content id: 70217) has been listened total of 614 times. You can listen the talent here. Lekha deserves all fame.

The winner of the eleventh week of Talent Hunt is Mohamed Yasin from Hyderabad. Yasin's talent (content id: 70229) has been listened total of 446 times. You can listen the talent here. Yasin deserves all fame.

The winner of the tenth week of Talent Hunt is Srujitha Manchikanti from Hyderabad. Srujitha's talent (content id: 70279) has been listened total of 1031 times. You can listen the talent here. Srujitha deserves all fame.

The winner of the ninth week of Talent Hunt is Sharath from Hyderabad. Sharath's talent (content id: 70282) has been listened total of 695 times. You can listen the talent here. Sharad deserves all fame.

The winner of the eighth week of Talent Hunt is Nagendra from West Godavori, Andhra Pradesh. Nagendra's talent (content id: 70289) has been listened total of 707 times. You can listen the talent here. Nagendra deserves all fame.

The winner of the seventh week of Talent Hunt is Rahul Verma from Udaipur. Rahul's talent (content id: 70216) has been listened total of 4691 times. You can listen the talent here. Rahul deserves all fame.

The winner of the sixth week of Talent Hunt is Kumar from Hyderabad. Kumar's talent (content id: 70277) has been listened total of 2704 times and has got great response from listeners! You can listen the talent here.

The winner of the fifth week of Talent Hunt is Sadhana from Hyderabad. Sadhana's talent (content id: 70221) has been listened total of 2960 times and has got maximum votes across all winners so far! You can listen the talent here.  

The winner of the fourth week of Talent Hunt is Sreevalli from Hyderabad. Valli's talent (content id: 70182) has been listened total of 921 times and was highly rated by Talent Hunt callers. You can listen the talent here.

The winner of the third week of Talent Hunt is Keertana from Hyderabad. Keertana's talent (content id: 70149) has been listened total of 2456 times and was immensely loved by Talent Hunt callers. You can listen the talent here.

The winner of the second week of Talent Hunt is Siddharth Gupta from Gurgaon. Siddharth's talent (content id: 70135) has been listened total of 370 times and was intensely loved by Talent Hunt callers. You can listen the talent here.

The winner of the first week of Talent Hunt is Kavita from New Delhi. Kavita's talent (content id: 70088) has been listened total of 1205 times and was highly rated by Talent Hunt callers. You can listen the talent here.

Microsoft Research India is offering a unique opportunity for you to showcase your ‘voice’ talent to an audience of 10,000 people all across India and win FAME!!

What you need to do to become famous? It’s insanely simple!! Pick up your cell phone and dial 080 4156 6020. You will be welcomed by the Talent Hunt Voice Forum, where you have unlimited opportunities to

  1. Record your talent
    You can win the hearts of listeners by singing a song, impress them by reciting a poem, or make them laugh by saying a joke or a one-liner. BEWARE, you have only 30 seconds to impress people.
  2. Share your recording
    Every time you make a recording, we will send you an SMS with an ID number for that recording. Forward this SMS to your friends, and they can use the ID to immediately jump to your talent whenever they call Talent Hunt! As described next, your friends’ support is going to be crucial for your success!
  3. Listen and rate others talents
    In this contest, you are a participant as well as the JUDGE. We provide you the power to decide the winners of Talent Hunt! How? When you listen to others’ talents, you will be asked whether you LOVE them or HATE them. On the basis of your LOVES and HATES, our algorithm will decide the winners of the contest. In addition to all these, you can delight your friends by sharing the awesome talents you come across on Talent Hunt.
  4. Top-rated talents are featured
    Every time you call, you will listen to the KING of Talent Hunt. The King of Talent Hunt is the esteemed talent which is currently judged best by listeners. If you are the KING at 11 AM on the day we announce the winner, we will aggressively promote you and your talent on social media channels and on Talent Hunt website! In addition, you always have the opportunity to get your content listened by 10,000+ people of Talent Hunt community. Curious how close you are getting to being the King? You can track the current ranking of your recordings every time you call!


Start Date

End Date

  Number of Winners 

October 15 2012 

  February 28 2013 

1 every week


Winner Announcement Dates

November 10, 11 AM (Winner: Kavita)

November 17, 11 AM (Winner: Siddharth)

November 24, 11 AM (Winner: Keertana)

December 1, 11 AM (Winner: Valli)

December 8, 11 AM (Winner: Sadhana)

December 15, 11 AM (Winner: Kumar)

December 22, 11 AM (Winner: Rahul)

December 30, 11 AM (Winner: Nagendra)

January 5, 11 AM (Winner: Sharath)

January 12, 11 AM (Winner: Srujitha)

January 19, 11 AM (Winner: Yasin)

January 26, 11 AM (Winner: Lekha)


Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Who are you?
    We are researchers at Microsoft Research India
  2. What is Talent Hunt?
    Talent Hunt is a contest where callers can call +91 080 4156 6020 to
    (1) Record their voice talents, including songs, jokes, poems, one-liners or anything which is interesting
    (2) Listen and rate others’ talents
    (3) Vote for their friends to make them King
    (4) Get playback data like rank, total plays etc. for their own talent
  3. Who is the King?
    The King is the talent which is currently ranked first by the Talent Hunt algorithm, on the basis of LOVES and HATES that are indicated by callers.
  4. How will you decide winners?
    A winning entry is one that is the King at the date and time we decide the winner (see timetable above).
  5. Can I have some scoops on the ranking algorithm?
    We will make the algorithm publicly available after the contest is over. For now, you should remember that a LOVE increases your chances of winning and a HATE diminishes your chances of winning. For two entries that have been judged the same number of times, the algorithm favors the one with a better ratio of LOVES to HATES. For two entries with the same ratio of LOVES to HATES, the algorithm favors the one that has been judged more often.
  6. When does the contest start and end?
    The contest starts on October 15th and ends on Feb 28th.
  7. Why you are doing this contest?
    Various community moderated websites like Quora, StackOverflow, Yahoo Answers, Reddit, and Slashdot have thrived because their content is efficiently moderated by the community. Talent Hunt is a research project to see whether community moderation can be successful in a voice forum, where the only mode of access is a telephone. If a community can successfully moderate content over the phone, it opens the door to a new class of scalable voice services where users can contribute and share their own content without having access to the Internet.
  8. Who can participate in this contest?
    To compete in the contest, you must be an Indian citizen. Also, you as well as your immediate family and household must not be a Microsoft employee, an employee of a Microsoft subsidiary, or someone who is involved in the organization of this contest.
  9. Why I should participate?
    • To have unlimited fun while listening to the awesome talents of your peers and others
    • To win fame
    • To get your talent accessed by more than 10,000 people all across India :-)
  10. Is there a way by which my friends can directly listen to my talent and vote for me?
    Yes. Whenever you record a talent, we will send you an SMS containing an ID number for your talent. You can forward that message to your friends. Your friends then can call Talent Hunt voice forum and input the ID number to vote for it.
  11. How do you decide the order in which talents are played?
    The Talent Hunt algorithm plays talents in an intelligent order that balances two concerns: the desire of listeners to hear the best talents, and the desire of contributors to have their talents heard. This means that the recency of a post, as well as the number of LOVES and HATES, will both influence the playback order.
  12. How many times can I judge a given talent?
    You can LOVE or HATE a talent only once from a given cell phone number. The next time you listen to a talent that you have already heard, Talent Hunt will remind you of your last vote. You will have an option to either repeat your vote or change your vote. If you repeat your vote, your vote will be counted only once. If you change your vote, your earlier vote will be canceled and your new vote will be counted.
  13. When will I receive an SMS from Talent Hunt?
    You will receive a message from Talent Hunt only in three scenarios:
    1. When you record a talent
    2. When you choose the option to share a talent
    3. When your talent becomes King or reaches the Top 10. We make this calculation only once per hour, so if your talent is one of the top 10 ranked talents at that time, we will send you an SMS. Please note that you will receive this message only between 9 AM to midnight. Also, you won’t get more than one message per day.
  14. I don’t want to receive messages. What should I do?
    Huh!! Really? These SMSs will help you get many votes and make your talent go viral. However, if you don’t wish to receive these messages, please send an email at specifying your mobile number.
  15. How will I get fame?
    Firstly, your content will be listened by 10,000 people of Talent Hunt community. Secondly, if you are the King of Talent Hunt on winner announcement time, we will aggressively feature your Talent on Talent Hunt Web site and on social media platforms.
  16. I am the King! Would I be featured on social media channels and on Talent Hunt website?
    Not necessarily. If you are the King of Talent Hunt, that means you are the top contender to be a winner. However, the winner will be announced at 11:00 AM IST on winner announcement date. The winner and his/her talent will be featured on Talent Hunt webpage and on social media sites.
  17. Would my earlier recorded talents be eligible to be declared as winner next week?
    Yes, absolutely! In case you are not declared as winner in the week you recorded the talent, you can use the same talent to try to be winner in subsequent weeks. In addition, votes for your talent across all weeks (i.e. from the day you recorded the talent and till the time the talent is declared winner) would be considered.
    Assume you recorded two talents (talent A on December 1 and talent B on December 11). You can get as many votes as possible on both the talents till your talent is declared as winner. However, votes for talent A would be counted only for talent A and votes for talent B would be counted for talent B only. If you record a new talent (Talent C on January 2) then votes for talent A and talent B will not be counted for talent C. All three talents and their respective votes would be considered individually to declare winner each week.
  18. My question is not answered here. What should I do?
    Send us an email at and we would get back to you as soon as possible.

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Terms and Conditions

Previously we awarded prizes for the top winners, but that contest is over. The old Terms and Conditions are still available here.