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Social Web Experience

The Social Web Experience (SWE) project is looking for new ways to connect your social network experience with your web experience. For our first experiment, we built the Social Web Experience Toolbar for Internet Explorer. The toolbar analyzes Web pages and finds related content from your social networks. Your friends' recent status updates and messages, favorite movies, interests, and other profile information are shown when its related to what you're seeing on the Web.



This screencast shows how the Social Web Experience Toolbar brings the latest tweets into news headlines.


The screenshots below show examples of SWE connecting your friend's Facebook posts and profiles to web pages.




Here are some of what we've discovered while using the Social Web Experience toolbar:

  • While reading about virtual currency, Chun-Kai found out that one of his friends was already buying and selling virtual objects:

  • Emre sees a friend on Facebook commenting about the latest news from Rupert Murdoch.

  • Plus, we almost always see interesting Tweets on breaking news:

  • And relevant facts about our friends (where they went to school, where they live and work, etc).