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Spindex brings you an overview of your entire social world in one page. With Spindex you can connect to Facebook, Twitter, Evernote, RSS, and Bing – with more services on the way.


Your Social World in One Page

Spindex allows you to access and interact with your social networks, see trends from your friends, and see related info from Bing on literally everything you click on. Spindex proactively finds useful articles and information based on your interest in your friends’ messages and comments. It lets you find out more about the topics that your friends and feeds are talking about in one click - so you can jump into the conversation.

Make sense of your social overload, open your personalized Spindex page, and find out at a glance what topics are hot in your social world. You can also keep track of the things you are remembering via Evernote - right inside of your Spindex page. Spindex is not just a social reader – as you browse your friends’ updates, Spindex continually suggests related content from Bing – giving you better insight into the topics and trends spinning around you.

Spindex is currently a Tech Preview available - request access at



Spindex Preview System Status Update

07.12.2010 | 2:00PM PST
By Jim Lewallen

I’ve been remiss in not sending updates out on Spindex. We’ve been hard at work identifying all of the things that made it slow and unreliable, and as of last week did an updated back end deployment that resolved all of these issues that we’re aware of. If you haven’t been back in a while, you should definitely give it a try.

Coming soon, we have a significant update to our UI coming now that the back end is more reliable. Look for an announcement soon, but a few sneak peaks:

  • Improved layout; content moved around to make it more consistent
  • Improved trends, less false negatives
  • Trends aren’t accurate? You can now suppress a trend locally, or send it back to us to improve our algorithms
  • More to follow

Keep tuned here, or follow @spindexme on Twitter for service status updates, and be sure to use our feedback site at to report any issues you are seeing.

Keep on Spindexing!


Spindex Preview Updated!

06.1.2010 | 9:00AM PST
By Jim Lewallen

We’ve updated Spindex today after a good week of feedback and getting out invites, and you should head over to, and try them out. Mostly there were issues fixed, but a few new features crept in.


  • Over on the right side of the UI, we find items in your social stream with the keywords in addition to bing
  • Instead of just getting news from bing if we don’t have a keyword to work with, we use your trends to find interesting related content
  • A number of layout changes to improve readability
  • Get More Results should be available and work a lot more often

Issues Addressed:

  • Deeper facebook crawls; hopefully more data completeness
  • Saving new queries actually saves new queries; saved query counts reset properly when clicked
  • Attempt at fixing the “posts out of order” issue that has been reported
  • Better performance across the board
  • A number of other, smaller items

Thank you for your interest, and your patience!


Spindex Preview System Status Update

05.25.2010 | 11:00AM PST
By Jim Lewallen

We have been ramping up Spindex, adding hundreds of users a day. We’ve discovered some issues, and with this information in hand we are diagnosing, adjusting and testing frequently. A side effect of this has been that Spindex has not been particularly reliable for you; something we regret, but has been an important part of the preview process. The team is now hard at work on a new release that will improve performance and stability, as well as tuning some of the features already there such as trending topics, and the contextual results on the right hand side of the page.

Keep tuned here, or follow @spindexme for service status updates, and be sure to use our feedback site at to report any issues you are seeing.

Thank you for your interest, and your patience!

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