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Microsoft Teams With the Government of Kenya and Indigo Telecom to Deliver Low-Cost, Solar-Powered Broadband Access Using Cutting-Edge TV White Space Technology. (image credit: Greg Von Doersten)

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One step closer to TV white spaces access and preserving the open Internet, May 2014 

By: Paul Mitchell, General Manager, Technology Policy Group, Microsoft

On Thursday, the Federal Communications Commission established a portion of the regulatory framework necessary to foster the development of a commercial domestic market for unlicensed devices operating in the TV white spaces as part of its Report and Order that makes television broadcast frequencies in the 600 MHz spectrum band available for wireless broadband use.

The reorganized 600 MHz band plan calls for:

  • One full (6 MHz) TV white spaces channel to operate in the guard band (duplex gap) between the licensed 4G-LTE uplink and licensed 4G-LTE downlink
  • One full TV white spaces channel to share Channel 37 on a secondary basis with Wireless Medical Telemetry Services and Radio Astronomy facilities
  • One full TV white spaces channel to share on a secondary basis with licensed wireless microphones
  • In limited circumstances, one full TV white spaces channel to be situated in the guard band between the licensed 4G-LTE service and licensed over-the-air television broadcasters
  • The ability for unlicensed devices to access white spaces between the remaining TV channels


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Pilot and Trial Press Mentions

Ghana Commercial Pilot

Commercial partnership with Internet service provider SpectraLink Wireless and research partnership with Facebook. (more)

UK 'White Space' Trials with Ofcom

UK regulator Ofcom is working with partners, including Microsoft, Google and BT, on mobile broadband 'white space' trials.

South Africa Commercial Pilot

Microsoft lights up Limpopo to enhance the education experience. (more)

Philippines Trial

Microsoft is working with local stakeholders to improve the lives of fishermen in the Philippines. (more)

Tanzania Commercial Pilot

Microsoft is partnering to provide affordable wireless broadband enabled by TV White Spaces to university students and faculty in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. (more)

Kenya Commercial Pilot

Microsoft is working with key partners in Kenya to use TV White Spaces to deliver connectivity and learning access to remote villages in Kenya. (more)


Press mentions older than one year are available in the News Archive.


Press Mentions: Microsoft on Spectrum


Press mentions older than one year are available in the News Archive.