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Dynamic Spectrum and TV White Spaces

The Spectrum Opportunity

Microsoft is working with key partners around the world to ensure consumers have access to an increasing range of connected devices. To meet growing consumer demand and address other policy challenges, we must consider multiple approaches which can be used that enable opportunistic, dynamic use of spectrum.

About Spectrum Technology

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Real World Impact

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Pilots and Deployments

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Project Videos

Related Research

Decentralized Networking in White Space

There are several design challenges to make a decentralized white space wireless network work, such as signal interference and spectrum fragmentation. The goal of this project is to come up with technological solutions that would overcome the challenges.

Networking Over White Spaces (KNOWS)

In this MSR flagship project we developed devices, networking protocols, databases, and white space systems, which we demonstrated to policy makers worldwide, including the FCC, to help establish the white space rules. This project is ongoing since 2005.

Cognac: Cognitive Network Access

The Cognac project tries to re-imagine WiFi in a world where spectrum may be fragmented (e.g., white spaces) and radios are feature-rich (e.g., software-defined).