Dynamic Spectrum and TV White Spaces
The TV white spaces opportunity. Investing in new technologies and research. The economic potential of dynamic spectrum. Read the report from economist Richard Thanki. (image credit: Greg Von Doersten) Bringing internet to underserved communities in Kenya. See the technology in action. (image credit: Greg Von Doersten) Dynamic spectrum management. Learn how the technology works and its potential. Microsoft Spectrum Observatory. Explore current spectrum usage.

Microsoft is working with key partners around the world to ensure consumers have access to an increasing range of connected devices. To meet growing consumer demand and address other policy challenges, we must consider multiple approaches which can be used that enable opportunistic, dynamic use of spectrum. THE SPECTRUM OPPORTUNITY >>

Learn how dynamic spectrum access and TV white spaces technology works.     Read about the deployments and demonstrations of spectrum technology Microsoft has rolled out with partners.     Learn how Microsoft is helping governments and regulators understand the potential of spectrum technology.

Related Research

Decentralized Networking in White Space

There are several design challenges to make a decentralized white space wireless network work, such as signal interference and spectrum fragmentation. The goal of this project is to come up with technological solutions that would overcome the challenges.

Networking Over White Spaces (KNOWS)

Under the umbrella of the KNOWS project, we are revisiting "classical" wireless networking problems and designing new solutions that incorporate and build upon recent advances in software and hardware technologies for networking over the recently opened white spaces spectrum.

Cognac: Cognitive Network Access

The Cognac project tries to re-imagine WiFi in a world where spectrum may be fragmented (e.g., white spaces) and radios are feature-rich (e.g., software-defined).