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Worm parade

There is quite a bit of information on JavaScript worms and other malware on the Web. Here we're only providing one link. Below is a probably incomplete catalogy of worms that we've been detected in the wild as of September 2007. Please let us know if anything is missing.

Name of worm Type of site Release date Embeds payload Reflects verbatim Obfuscated payload Damage potential Samy/MySpace Social networking Oct 2005 X X Low Social networking Dec 2005 X X Low SpaceFlash/MySpace Social networking Jul 2006 X X Low Yamanner/Yahoo! Mail Email service Jun 2006 X X High QSpace/MySpace Social networking Nov 2006 X X X High Social networking Dec 2006 Low Online gaming Jan 2007 X Low Online gaming Jan 2007 X X Medium

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