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Kirkland Library

This is part of a Microsoft Research study about how we can get regular people to do simple tasks at specific locations. This offer is only valid for people who have received an offer from Microsoft Research on Twitter.

For this task, we want you to take a picture of the sign in front of the Kirkland Library at 308 Kirkland Avenue, Kirkland, WA 98033, shown on the map at the bottom of this page. You should take a full frame picture (no cropping) like the example below.

Email your picture and Twitter username to We will check the picture to make sure it's right and also check the picture's embedded time stamp to make sure it's recent. If everything is OK, and if we've received your picture by the deadline we gave, we will reply to your email with an Amazon gift code with the amount we offered. You can apply the code to a future purchase from

Kirkland Library from across Kirkland Ave

Closer view

Example of type of picture we want (but without watermarks)

Map showing location at red pushpin