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SONGO (Search ON the GO)

SONGO is a mobile cache architecture that enables users to instanty search and access information (personal files, search results, local businesses, ads, etc.) across all of their devices (phone, PC, cloud, etc.) from their phones. By mining how individual users as well as the community of users access data over time, we idenitfy what data is important to the user, index it and cache it on the phone. This allows users to instantly search and access data from all of their devices on their phones.

Our efforts on the SONGO project has focused on mobile search and avertisements. We have designed and implemented two prototype applications that demonstrate how the SONGO architecture can be used to instantly provide search results and advertisements for both web and local search. 


 Figure 1. Overview of the SONGO web search cache architecture

In the case of mobile web search, we improve user experience by caching popular search results, businesses and advertisements on mobile devices. First, a community-based cache is created by mining the most popular queries in the mobile search logs. This cache is updated daily making sure that the latest popular information is always available locally. Over time, SONGO monitors user clicks and uses this information to: (i) expand the cache with search results that are of interest to the user and (ii) adjust the ranking score of the cached search results to provide a personalized search experience (Figure 1). An analysis of 100 million mobile search queries shows that on average 66% of the search queries submitted by a single user can be answered by caching 2,500 links on a 1MB cache. A prototype implementation in Windows Mobile demonstrates 16x faster responses and 25x energy savings comparing to querying through the 3G link (Figure 2).



Figure 2. SONGO in action: real-time web search results


The same architecture also enables caching of local businesses and advertisements on the mobile device. A rich set of businesses and ads is first cached on the phone. As the user types a search query, we instantly retrieve and display businesses and local advertisements relevant to the current search query and the location of the user. In that way, SONGO enables real time search results, business lookups and advertisement retrieval on mobile devices providing the fastest possible search experience while simultaneously creating new monetization opportunities (Figure 3).


Figure 3. SONGO in action: real time business lookups.


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