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Social Views of Email
Social Views of Email

Social Views of Email redesigns the email experience by analyzing your natural social patterns of communication and using these patterns to dynamically reorganize your email user interface. We begin by analyzing your email archive to identify patterns and then use this information to improve the clarity and effectiveness of the email user interface.

A key aspect is to dynamically group your email according to emergent social groupings - groups which may not have a formal definition but which can be detected by noticing patterns of cc’ing, response time, and response frequency.

The user does not have to actively define these groups; the system suggests them automatically and uses the highest-confidence groups to organize email into separate dynamic feeds. Once a group has been identified, the user interface provides an activity tile for the group identifying prominent topics and contributors. These topics and contributors can be used to further refine the email view so that it’s easy an natural to “drill down” to a very specific person or topic within a specific social context.

Email with automatic categories, simplified people-centric views

We then use this information to change the design of the email client, by

  • De-prioritizing unimporant people and messages, featuring important items
  • Improving lightweight reading-skimming user experience
  • Automatically categorizing messages
  • Featuring "important" groups and summarizing activity
  • Encourage sharing beyond email, and integrating this content in the view
  • Providing personalized summarizes for email usage: time spent and conversation overviews


Data Mining Email to determine groups    Personal summaries for email usage


This project is built using Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) and is an Outlook Add-in.  It is currently in the "proof of concept" phase.