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SNARF Help and Guide

The guide is divided into five parts. The SNARF Guide walks through ways to use SNARF, and describes the user interfaces in general. The Detailed Descriptions goes through every function, in detail.

The SNARF Stories form an ideabook for using SNARF: it talks about how several members of the SNARF team use the tool, and shows the way they have SNARF configured.

Last, the Troubleshooting guide and FAQ gives specific answers to some problems that some users encounter with SNARF, or ask questions of the SNARF Community at GotDotNet.

The SNARF Guide

  1. First-time use
  2. E-mail triage
  3. Awareness of incoming e-mail
  4. Reading e-mail discussion threads

Detailed Descriptions of each SNARF window

  1. SNARF Main window
  2. Message List
  3. Thread View
  4. Settings
  5. Indexing Status

SNARF Stories

  1. Danyel: "Ready in the morning"
  2. Andy: "I love using SNARF to catch up on e-mail distribution lists."
  3. AJ: "I’ve turned off my Outlook 'toast'"

Troubleshooting SNARF & FAQ

The SNARF Community at GotDotNet