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Scalable Hyperlink Store

The Scalable Hyperlink Store is a specialized "database" for the web graph. SHS maintains the web graph in main memory, distributed over many machines. The system is available as C# source code as well as precompiled binaries.


Issued Patents

  • Marc A. Najork. System and method for maintaining a distributed database of hyperlinks. US Patent 7,340,467, issued 3/4/2008.
  • Marc A. Najork. Fault tolerance scheme for distributed hyperlink database. US Patent 7,627,777, issued 12/1/2009.
  • Marc A. Najork. Incremental update scheme for hyperlink database. US patent 8,209,305, issued 6/26/2012.
  • Marc A. Najork. Changing number of machines running distributed hyperlink database. US patent 8,392,366, issued 3/5/2013.