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Sho Videos

Plotting/Analyzing SQL Data

This is a short, canonical demo of doing Data-Centric Development from Sho: pulling data from an enterprise source (SQL), visualizing it, and doing some analysis on it. In this case, we fit lines and curves to data of population vs. area for various countries.



Web Search with Speech

This demo shows how a tiny bit of Sho can be used to mix powerful platform components: in this case, we use Windows' speech recognition engine to send queries to bing. [41 lines of code] 


Sticky Sorter Prototype

This is an application built in Sho that allows for arranging and editing sticky notes on a virtual canvas, a key functionality for user experience researchers organizing observation data. It was an initial, fully-functioning prototype that was used as the basis for the "StickySorter" application now available from Office Labs. [1000 lines of code]


A Data Oscilloscope for Microsoft Surface

This is an example of using Sho as a "data oscilloscope," i.e., to visualize the values of live data. in this case, values from a Microsoft Surface application are being shown and updated in real-time using Sho plot objects on a second monitor.


Debugging Sho Code with Visual Studio 2010 

This video shows how you can edit and debug Sho code with Visual Studio 2010 along with IronPython Tools, available from  The video shows how to set breakpoints, step through code, inspect locals, and more. [highres version, 61MB]