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SDM Software Survey


Software enables Scientists to do things that were way beyond people’s (Darwin’s!) imagination before the computer revolution. More easily than ever before, Scientists can access, analyse and model immense data sets using a variety of software, changing what science we can do. Scientific Software, such as SDM, allows complicated analyses, with otherwise considerable technological demands, to be accessed by the wider research community.

However, when there is more than one modeling option,.... how do you choose which one to use?

In this survey we will ask:

      • Some basic demographic information about you.
      • General information about your skills and research.
      • What SDM software you use and what for.
      • What features you use and what affects your software choices.
      • What parts of the analysis do you want access to and how.

This research is based on a series of conversations with leading Scientists in SDM and we believe that your contribution will help us shed more light into the interface between ecology, software and science advancement.

If you want to participate in our survey please follow this link

If you want to contact us please use this email