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Natural, Dynamic, Data Visualization

Putting humans back in the decision-making process.

SandDance is a browser based information visualization system that scales to hundreds of thousands of items. Arbitrary datatables can be loaded and results can be filtered using facets and search and displayed in a variety of layouts. Transitions between the views are animated so that users can better maintain context. Multiple linked views allow for associations between the same items in each view. Multiple devices can simultaneusly interact with each other on the same dataset.

Using principles of information visualization, users can map any attribute into the position, color, size, opacity and layout of a dataset to help reveal patterns within the data. SandDance lets you see both the individual records, and their overall structure.

SandDance focusses on natural user interaction techniques. Touch interaction is a first class citizen, allowing the entire experience to be easily operated through a touch screen. The system also understand speech commands for searching, selecting, focusing and filtering the data.  A kinect system can be used to sense gestures for moving between views of the data.

Collaboration is supported by allowing multiple sets of people to interact with the same dataset. Selections and filters in one system are automatically replicated to other systems viewing the data.

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SandDance TechFest (duration 6:46)
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