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Probase Release Notes

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Probase v0.10 (May 1st, 2011)

(Please note that this release is only available for internal use for now)

Download: Probase Manual v0.10.

In this release, we provide three ways to access our Probase data for different target users.

(1) For users who want to get the whole Probase package, they can get the package.

    • In that folder, “lib” are libraries which users need to add them as references in their project, “TrinityAndIndex” contains data and indexes;
    • We provide “Readme.txt” to show quick setup steps; “sample.cs” and “sample_wcf.cs” show how to consume our APIs; “Probase-Manual.pdf” is the detail manual;
    • Besides, we also provide 2 example projects in “Examples” folders.

(2) For users who want to get a light way to access our Probase data, they can use our wcf service.

    • They don’t need to host the data by themselves. They just need to add that service reference, and then can begin to access our data by network;
    • We also provide the sample class file and project in the shared folder;
    • We describe more details in the manual

(3) For users who just want to try our data, they can access our simple web interface

    • This interface integrates basic data access functions and conceptualization functions;
    • Users can easily query our knowledge base and get our results without any programming.