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Experiment, Understanding Tables on the Web

Understanding Tables on the Web

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  • Top 20 seed concept-attribute derived from "what is the of" and infobox:
  • academic institutions

    actors airlines albums awards basketball players beers celebrities chemical elements cities
    director birthdate website name name league name name population
    president name headquarters genre purpose nationality value occupation longd
    name birthplace iata producer value height in owner birthdate latd
    head yearsactive callsign label director highschool status date of birth name
    city occupation airline artist recipient number location place of birth website
    dean birthname founded cover winner team abv birthplace population total
    state spouse icao length point weight lb origin short description longm
    endowment date of birth fleet size released subject position logo birthname latm
    established place of birth destinations type cost salary year yearsactive population as of
    type short description key people this album first recipient height ft type spouse longew
    campus alternative names logo last album status birth place alcohol content id latns
    faculty id hubs next album son career start website alternative names subdivision type
    website title logo size recorded chairman awards country title subdivision name
    students deathdate frequent flyer reviews size birth date title birth name image skyline
    colors deathplace parent title title college population genre official name
    title date of death name language website draft year history years active timezone
    purpose place of death company slogan filename type former teams date background utc offset
    country website lounge description producer draft industry born leader title
    chair location focus cities purpose meaning draft team homepage label area total km
    usnwr eng domesticpartner alliance music future shelf life birth date leader name
  • companies countries currencies file formats films football clubs fruits guitarists holidays infectious diseases
    foundation capital value name name manager name name date name
    homepage population symbol genre language brother familia born significance diseases db
    industry name issuing authority website purpose director point regnum genre holiday name emedicine topic
    company name president iso code extension writer name ordo instrument meaning emedicine subj
    key people role issuing authority role starring coach genus background type impact
    location currency inflation rate owner runtime main rival species years active observedby mesh id
    company type image flag subunit name mime producer last english manager kj notable instruments purpose effect
    products leader title subunit ratio use distributor captain fat associated acts relatedto medlineplus
    company logo title name future released principal sponsor protein occupation celebrations cause
    num employees leader name inflation source date screenshot music date sugars label name risk
    name common name nickname point title metric first right url origin prevalence
    revenue longd future website cinematography width vitc mg birth name history purpose
    net income latd role license editing nickname iron mg died nickname history
    location city longm used banknotes uniform type id official name carbs short description observances treatment
    type latm currency name in local developer country parish church binomial date of birth point role
    location country government type price latest release version budget people binomial authority place of birth celebration familia
    founder demonym mint status gross leader name source usda alias best part genus
    operating income latns mint website source imdb id leader name unranked classis title long type definition
    company slogan longew printer version studio leader title unranked ordo id real meaning virus group
    logo national anthem location operating system genre local and supralocal identity classis alternative names last day status
  • newspapers operating systems planets politicians programming languages religions scientists songs sports leagues video games
    editor name name name name founder name name value title
    name license mass party future role birth date artist commissioner developer
    type family surface term start purpose purpose birth place genre future publisher
    owners source model diameter term end latest release version meaning known for label size genre
    headquarters developer period religion status name alma mater released history name
    website working state temperature title developer essence date of birth length face platforms
    format kernel type size birth date role future short description writer average salary released
    foundation screenshot composition spouse paradigm history place of birth producer mvp media
    circulation logo atmosphere years designer nature nationality cover biggest surprise input
    publisher frequently updated density birth place use origin death date format laughing stock modes
    issn website nature alma mater operating system basis death place recorded king first release date
    language status eccentricity predecessor version goal date of death this single name first release version
    price future escape velocity successor year position place of death next single son point
    political latest version radius date of birth typing definition field title goal latest release date
    logo ui volume place of birth implementations relationship residence last single game creator
    role advantage arg peri before logo impact workplaces from album diameter type
    purpose architecture inclination after website point fields b-side champion designer
    owner history circumference short description influenced place title years rest latest release version
    founder supported platforms origin signature genre significance religion before talk series
    cost latest release version son order point source doctoral advisor after purpose website


  • Top 20 new concept-entity derived from Web tables:
  • academic institutions

    actors airlines albums awards basketball players beers celebrities chemical elements cities
    Penn Catherine Zeta-Jones Garuda Indonesia Best Supporting Actor Michelob Ultra Robert Downey Zn S?o Paulo
    UPenn Andy Serkis SkyWest Airlines Best Costume Design Magners Irish Cider Gene Hackman Ra Orange County
    PENN Billy Crudup Alaska and also Horizon Best Supporting Actress Boddingtons Pub Ale Christian Bale Mn Washington, DC
    Kellogg Dwayne Johnson Alaskan Best Dramatic Score Sierra Nevada Pale Ale Clive Owen K Düsseldorf
    Chicago Cast of Desperate Housewives USA 3000 Best New Director Sam Adams Lager J-Lo Type Fairfield County
    Navy Grey's Anatomy cast Total Best Foreign Language Film Milwaukee's Best Delta Goodrem W Lilongwe
    Texas Ray Milland Swiss International Airlines Best Writing Miller High Lite Billie Holiday Cl Washington, D.C
    College Football Jerry Seinfeld Saudi Arabian Best Documentary Brand Daniel Day-Lewis Be North Las Vegas
    University of Wisconsin Patrick Dempsey Horizon Air Best Art Direction Steve Carell Hialeah
    U.S. Naval Academy Julie Christie Canadian Airlines Best Score Shia LaBeouf Chesapeake
    University of Washington Cuba Gooding, Jr Reno Air Best Short Subjects Vince Vaughn Düsseldorf
    Cornell NY Renée Zellweger Virgin Atlantic Airlines Best Foreign Film Dwayne Johnson Nashville-Davidson
    Columbia NY Gene Wilder SAS Scandinavian Airlines Best British Picture Philip Seymour Hoffman CITY
    Wild Card U Robert Lindsay JAL Japan Airlines Renée Zellweger Great Falls
    Stevens Peter Weller China Southern Airlines 1 Dr. Phil McGraw Panama
    Virginia Lillian Gish Horizon Airlines Various Bahrain
    Colgate University Ellen Page Air Southwest Grey's Anatomy cast Bandar Seri Begawan
    Harvard University Tyler Perry Emirates UK Cast of Desperate Housewives Terre Haute
    Hobart College Woody Allen Malev - Hungarian Airlines Olivia Newton John Long Island
    Fordham Joaquin Phoenix U.S. Airways Boner Nassau
  • companies countries currencies file formats films football clubs fruits guitarists holidays infectious diseases
    Blackberry Saint Vincent and the Grenadines SAR M2TS X-Files Stoke City Lime Joe Perry Martin Luther King, Jr. Day Tuberculosis
    Fujitsu Siemens Cote D'ivoire MXD FH9 E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial Fulham Grapes Brian Setzer Orchestra Daylight Savings Ends Rabies
    Others Korea, South Currency OpenEXR Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs West Bromwich Albion Fig Radwan Hoteit Daylight Savings Begins Japanese Encephalitis
    Altria Group Macau SAR BND HDP The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King Charlton Athletic Date Day After Thanksgiving Tetanus-diphtheria
    Walt Disney Co China, Peoples Republic of KRW XBM L.A. Confidential Middlesbrough Grape Day after Thanksgiving Tetanus
    Marlboro Democratic Republic of the Congo HRK XWD Dial M for Murder England Star Fruit Club Employee Holiday Celebration Meningitis
    Linux Democratic People's Republic of Korea EGP WSQ Mission: Impossible Sevilla Tomato In observance of Independence Day Varicella
    Deere Khmer Republic ILS PDF Reader The Da Vinci Code and Angels & Demons , often called the Dan Brown saga Portsmouth Cucumber Martin Luther King Jr Day
    Alpine World Total Total JPE Terminator 2: Judgment Day Man Utd Gooseberry Martin Luther King Jr. Birthday
    Forest Laboratories Middle East - North Africa Others Photoshop PSD All Quiet on the Western Front Bolton Dates Martin Luther King, Jr Day
    Bank of America Corp D. R. Congo JPN DVR-MS A Simple Plan Wigan Athletic Pink Grape Christmas Holiday
    HP/Compaq Republic of the Congo KWD M4V Aliens Ipswich Town Cocktail New Year's Eve Day
    Baxter International Tajikstan AUS Total The Incredible Hulk Man City Other Fruits Winter Holiday
    Valero Energy C?te d’Ivoire SIT VCD Good Morning, Vietnam Swindon Town Chashwanut M. L. King Jr's Birthday
    Altria Norfolk Island BAM tar One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest Burnley Areconut Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day
    Guardian Bosnia/ Herzegovina BGN Get Private Benjamin Birmingham Litchi Martin Luther King Jr.'s Birthday
    PSA Peugeot Citroën Kirghyzstan JPY100 ABC Affliction Wolverhampton Wanderers Custard apple Independance Day
    U.S. Bancorp Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia Zar WAV, WAVE The Hunchback of Notre Dame Valencia Lytchee Inauguration Day
    Emirates Serbia and Montenegro CFA Unknown On Golden Pond Lyon Mosambi Martin Luther King, Jr.'s Birthday
    Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Serbia & Montenegro TWI EXIF Monsters, Inc Fiorentina Passion Fruit Lincoln's Birthday
  • newspapers operating systems planets politicians programming languages religions scientists songs sports leagues video games
    The Plain Dealer n/a Ganymede George H.W. Bush C non-Religious/other Ptolemaeus Voodoo Child Major League Soccer PlayStation 2
    News Of The World Other OSes Asteroid Belt Wesley Clark XML Schema Animist, others All Along the Watchtower AFL DS
    TOTAL Unknown Platform Planet Ford XSL Transformation Others The Old Man XBOX360
    Atlanta Constitution-Journal Windows True Node Uncommitted DOS batch script Chinese religions Convoy X360
    Newark Star-Ledger HP-UX North Node Unsure Make Traditional ethnic He Nintendo 64
    Politico Windows 2003 Asteroids Richardson shell script Other They Nintendo DSi
    San Diego Union-Tribune Unknown Planet V Field C/C Religion not stated In My Life DSL
    TLS Not Applicable Saturn's Rings Dennis J. Kucinich MetaFont Total population We Can Work It Out Playstation 2
    People MacOS Ceres Total Haml Total Hurricane
    The NY Times Book Rev SunOS Earth , Terra , Tellus , World Undecided TeX/LaTeX Other religions Heroes
    The People Windows Server 2003 Moon Democrats ClearSilver non-Religious Superstition
    L.A. Weekly Windows 95 Stars Republicans Smarty Ethnic religions O Come All Ye Faithful
    San Jose Mercury-News Other Operating system Rahu , Ketu Frank Lynch MXML Spiritist She's Leaving Home
    Times iPhone OS The Moon Michael Dukakis Total Non Religious Here, There and Everywhere
    FT Total Proxima Centauri Tom Vilsack C++ Evangelical Church in Germany Within You, Without You / Blue Jay Way
    The Spectator Windows 2K Asc Sam Brownback Autoconf Percent Religious What Child Is This
    Philadephia Inquirer SGI IRIX Star G.W. Bush PL/I Eastern Away In a Manger HPUX Galaxy G.H.W. Bush Vim Script No religion O Come O Come Emmanuel
    Globe and Mail Windows ME Node Tommy Thompson Automake Christian not included elsewhere May It Be
    Daily Sport Apple Mac OS X Apollo Tom Tancredo Photoshop Christian Orthodox The Voice


  • Top 20 new concept-attribute derived from Web tables:
  • academic institutions

    actors airlines albums awards basketball players beers celebrities chemical elements cities
    team name hair color lax terminal recorded at branch of art sa price hair color contact detail
    conference star sign base release valid range bear in this photo county
    fax number height remark style default height die estimate
    hobby age airline found rate since weight star sign weather
    hometown celebrity index phone cat quote analyse ethnicity discipline
    date category found purchase death hou character history international
    zip / postal code rate this date destination review date birth round claim to fame national day
    gr claim to fame web site literature reference cart school/club team age distance from minneapolis
    st real name offical website number of track mail address pick rate this date city/state
    call no cause of death terminal cddb entry revision dropped by game celebrity index alternate name
    copy location of death contact phone no material zone ppg fan mail club color
    zip eye color note track faculty/unit apg sign found
    name of office die international dl link zip code rpg variant name full name
    co-authors/ co-presenters profession rate comment ende eye color languages speak
    day and time ethnicity iata code catalog vol famous as vicariate
    room birth code fit note job status associationname measurement
    name – last, first known for tel buy now spell tought celebrity status skipper
    language death prefix armor set sim death total household
    venue country of birth check-in row info slurl birth rts receive
    topic in this photo operating hour availability title of film cause of death rts make
  • companies countries currencies file formats films football clubs fruits guitarists holidays infectious diseases
    username gdp per caput code last modify cast stadium capacity certificate venue
    avatar internet tld mid-rate last update product type stadium release time
    job title national day conversion rate file type actor safety rate price room rate
    rank source of information unit application running time note bear instructor
    application name electricity sell text user credit opposition length day of week
    irc surface select currency area instruction team package start time
    project carried out by human development delivery frequence control urs egger collection status day of the week
    real name gdp pr. caput license isbn institute index opening hour
    latijns short name link downloads release known for where
    biography fips code old weight require image birth remark
    institution iso code new weight code set edit site observed in
    current version economy overview security type denotation award tooltip best rate
    sym legal system exchange/market flag color day observe
    incorporation year web domain calculator os type audience rate service
    caps rank phone code rel to cat change note model rule type
    time frame weights and measure upgrade price tel. no file name detail
    technology domain language development interaction view specialization region event
    organization size language us call sign vhs/dvd update
    site / url goverment type clipboard type identifiers in this photo created by
    fund gdp ppp 2007 picture size observance day
  • newspapers operating systems planets politicians programming languages religions scientists songs sports leagues video games
    sector company / developer semi-major axis dist supported databases congregation variant name in collection release date
    found feature masse riding as leader denotation religious text biography official site release
    industry latest stable release orbital eccentricity gender code set divine entity handicap radar ean
    isbn number default user interface orbital distance amount interaction view geographical area topic remixes msrp
    file supported platform obliquity date give stable release polity complete release category
    published by development status material since application category separated from birth middle name no certificate
    target group official website length of day vote hardware known for birth play of player
    subscription translation tropical orbital period dob package association death comp update
    cover price requirement average orbital velocity location of birth proficiency monthly marital status comment sub genre
    issues/year product url ring votes cast page ende catalog player
    market faith mean orbital distance vote count other vol find on amazon multiplayer support
    web address birth number of moon elect priority zodiac sign buy link
    publication organizational membership absolute magnitude birth assigned to many god username reviewer
    education year discover pct last reply dl link gamespy score
    professional experience orbital distance from the sun eye color branched from special guest esrb
    hardware price star sign reference show number of player
    market in reply to attention chip time lyrics and chord comment
    product web site optional link change to previous week div place track contact
    previous version object description web site languages speak debut esrb rate
    email e-mail civil status year of release online