Conceptualization, Probase

In this page, we provide some snapshots of "entity abstraction", "attribute abstraction" and "short text conceptualization".

Entity Abstraction:

(1) A comparison between "{China, Russia, India, Brazil}" and "{China, Russia, India, USA}"

  • {China, Russia, India, Brazil}



  •  {China, Russia, India, USA}

(2) A comparison between "{office}" and "{office, xbox}"

  • {office}:

  • {office, xbox}:



Attribute Abstraction:

(1) A comparison between "{population, location}" and "{population, location, president}"

  • {population, location}:

  • {population, location, president}:



Short Text Conceptualization:

  • short text: "Masami Nishimura, a spokesman for Japan's nuclear safety agency, said the plant's operator, Tokyo Electric Power Co., thought of the measures after a string of explosions and fires at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant."