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Applications, Probase

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ProBase Browser

Probase Viewer shows the backbone of our taxonomy, such as class-subclass, class-instance and class-attribute. It also shows the results of incorporating external knowledge bases, such as freebase.


Topic Search

We present a framework that improves web search experiences through the use of Probase. The framework classifies web queries into different patterns according to the concepts and entities in addition to keywords contained in these queries.


Web Tables

We use Probase to help us interpret and understand tables, which unlocks the wealth of information hidden in web table. Then we build a semantic search engine over tables to demonstrate how much valuable information can be found in Web tables, and how structured data can empower information retrieval on the Web.



Probase enables machines to conceptualize from a set of words or short text by performing Bayesian analysis based on the typicality and other probabilities. We develop several applications to show with Probase machines can "thinking" like human beings.


Probase Simple Web Interface

For users who want to try our release data, this interface integrates basic data access functions and conceptualization functions based on Probase release package. Users can easily query our knowledge base and get our results without any programming.