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Pex - Screenshots
  • Pex can be called anywhere in the code editor and does not require any pre-existing tests.
  • The results are presented as an input-output table. Each row represents a set of inputs to the method under test and the observed return value or exception.
  • The results can easily be saved in the solution as traditional unit tests. (Press Ctrl-A to select all tests to save an entire test suite.)
  • The resulting test suite integrates with your favorite unit test framework. The generated test suite can be used as a regression test suite, and it can be executed it later -- without running Pex -- to quickly find breaking code changes.
  • The generated tests can also be debugged just like any other unit test. Moreover, the exploration window provides a shortcut for this task.
  • When a caller violates the contracts of a called API, Pex can track the data and control flow and infer a precondition.
Pex integrates with Visual Studio 2008 and 2010 and provides a great experience to get started with automated whitebox testing. Pex can also be invoked from the command line.