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Try it out on the web:

Pex for fun brings programming in C#, Visual Basic, and F# to your web browser, and now also to Windows Phone 7. Go to, and click Learn to start tutorials.

Pex for fun

Windows Phone

Pex4Fun is available as a game on the Windows Phone marketplace.

Download Pex4Fun for WP7



    Windows Phone 7 exclusive, sadly
    In-built courseware allows users to get up to speed with all three languages, even if they have no prior programming experience - and while the app won't make you into a world-class coder overnight, it's a neat way to get involved in programming - and a nice way for Microsoft to boost its prospective Windows Phone developer pool.


On facebook:

  • Russell Leikis Very cool. Wish there was a droid app too! The web site will have to do for now...

Marketplace reviews (>= 44 ratings in total):

  • CoderMarcus: Friggin' awesome. I'm in love.
  • kimiF10: Are you kidding me. This is the best app ever. What an idea....i love it....kudos to the one who created it....thanks
  • LacKodes: Great app!
  • GeeseTweed: Innovative and so much fun
  • xiaoyong: Now I can program everywhere
  • dprus: Very cool.
  • SoulTech67: Pex4fun should b made into a full fledged phone code IDE!
  • HedonicPh0enix: The geekiest fun you can have
  • Gide0nSkye: Really cool app to help flex my programmer muscles
  • str8flushAKQJT, rated 10/10: First game of this type. Very impressive.
  • JoshuaJEarl, rated 10/10: Really cool concept and good execution. Like the code snippets and Intellisense.
  • Peri Rocha, rated 10/10: I love it, never seen anything like it
  • Jace4Dana, rated 10/10: Probably the most fully featured app on any mobile platform. Awesome idea and really intriguing implementation. Can't wait for later versions!!
  • StarTrek85, rated 10/10: WOW! A fun game my boyfriend and I can enjoy together. Should be an XBox Live title! Great concept!
  • borkxbl, rated 10/10: Love it!
  • darielmarlow, rated 10/10: Is there a way to tie an account on the web and mobile version together? As much as coding on WP7 is fun, I'd like to try on my computer and have progress reflect on mobile.
  • baeski, rated 10/10: Pretty fun unless you know Linq, which makes most of the puzzles trivial.
  • Player230629563, rated 10/10: Nerdy :D
  • PeterGfader, rated 10/10: Great app. Coding is a bit hard without the phzsical keyboard. But great idea.
  • HINDAM, rated 10/10: Awesome :)
  • SpringbrookHS, rated 10/10: Awesome app. Totally cool to program on my phone. You guys rock.

On Channel9:

  • Keith_Flo: This is awesome! I haven't seen anything this cool in a long time! ... People have written 'Cloud' based editors and compilers but this is a whole new level of cool! .. intellisense, multi-languages supported, background compilation .. a debugger is coming .. Wow! And all on the Phone!!