Part of Speech Tagger


• Identifying the correct part of speech

• Relies heavily on the morphological analyzer

• Relies on the autocorrector

• Resolves the ambiguity on both stem and case-ending levels


Detailed Tag Set

The Arabic POS Tagger has a detailed tag set consisting of more than 3,000 tags, which reflects the most important features of each word.

Stem-Level Disambiguation

The Arabic POS Tagger solves the stem-level ambiguity of most Arabic words by selecting the best analysis that matches each word, based on its context.

Case-Ending Disambiguation

The POS Tagger also selects a suitable case-ending value among a variety of possibilities—nominative, accusative, genitive, indicative, subjunctive, jussive—along with the nunation.

Handling Common Arabic Mistakes

The Arabic POS Tagger makes auto-correction for common Arabic mistakes without further user effort


Tag Text with an option to auto-correct the input text