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MSR Networked Embedded Sensing Toolkit

MSR Networked Embedded Sensing Toolkit

(MSR Sense v1.0)
Installation Guide
June 2007

1. Platform and Prerequisites

The full package of MSR Networked Embedded Sensing Toolkit (MSRSense) recommends the following hardware/software platform:

  • PC, Pentium 4 2.6GHz, 512M memory, 40G+ hard drive,
  • Windows Vista or Windows XP Professional SP2
  • Excel 2003 Professional
  • Visual Studio 2005 Professional, which also contains:
    • .NET Framework 2.0
    • SQL Server 2005 Express Edition
  • Visual Studio 2005 Tools for Office 2003 (a.k.a. VSTO 2005)
  • SQL Server Management Studio Express - Community Technology Preview (CTP) November 2005. Available for free download at
  • TinyOS-1.1.x. (optional)


The Microserver Execution Environment (mSEE) and Microserver Interaction Console (mSIC) have much less resource demands:

  • PC, Pentium 1GHz, 256M memory, 10G hard drive
  • Windows Vista or Windows XP Professional SP2
  • .NET Framework 2.0 or above
  • Visual C# Express Edition
  • SQL Server 2005 Express Edition
  • TinyOS-1.1.x (optional)

Although not supported, you may use Visual Studio 2003 to build mSEE and mSIC. You may have to create your own solution files, since the VS 2005 solution files are not backward compatible.

2. Obtain source code

Obtain msrsense-1.0.msi from this disk or download latest version from http://mymsr/en-us/downloads/edf4a44d-b91d-4c0c-b15f-21497d2ea957/default.aspx

Execute msrsense-1.0.x.msi, accept the license agreement, and follow the instructions in the user interface to extract source code to desired directory. For the rest of the document, we assume c:\Program Files\Microsoft Research\MSRSense-1.x is the root directory for the source code. We refer it as $MSRSENSEROOT$.

3. Libraries and Pre-built Executables

The installed MSR Sense includes pre-built executables for .NET 2.0. The executables for mSEE, mSIC, MoteForwarder and other tools are in $MSRSENSEROOT$\bin. The pre-built Senscel application is located at $MSRSENSEROOT$\bin\senscel.xls.

Binary released .dll files, such as MSRSense.Sensors.dll and SWLib.dll, are also in the $MSRSENSEROOT$\bin directory.

4. Build

If you want to read or modified any source code, you need to open the solution files in Visual Studio. Here are the instructions to build from source code.

4.1 miuSEE

The microserver runtime is located under $MSRSENSEROOT$\miuSEE\microserver. To build the solution:

- in Visual Studio 2005, load microserver.sln. From Build menu, select Rebuild Solution. After building the solution, in $MSRSENSEROOT$\bin, you should find the following files:


4.2 MoteForwarder

The mote forwarder is a .NET solution for converting serial (USB) connection to the mote into TCP/IP socket so that more than one application can use the data stream via a more friendly interface. Note: This application only works in Visual Studio 2005 and .NET 2.0.

To build, open and build $MSRSENSEROOT$\util\Moteforwarder\MoteForwarder.sln.

By default, the binary executable is

An experimental command-line version of MoteForwarder that support multiple USB connections on a single PC is also available in $MSRSENSEROOT$\util\Moteforwarder\MFCommands

4.3 miuSIC

The microserver interaction console is located under $MSRSENSEROOT$\util\miuSIC. Again, in VS2005, load and build miuSIC.sln. After building the project, the following executable is created:


4.4 SF Recorder and Player

The serial forwarder recorder can receive data from a serial forwarder (or mote forwarder), time stamp them and save them to a data file together with the time. The serial forwarder player can replay back data logged by the recorder as if it is a serial forwarder. These tools can make sensor data reusable and while reusing them, no Java is necessary.

The serial forwarder recorder and player are located in $MSRSENSEROOT$\Util\SFRecorder

After building the solution, two sets of executables will be generated:



4.5 SenseWebPublisher

The SenseWebPublisher is a helper application that register sensors to MSR SensorMap DataHub and create configuration files (ini and mstml) for the microserver.

The SenseWebPublisher source code is in $MSRSENSEROOT$\util\SenseWebPublisher

The compiled executable is $MSRSENSEROOT$\bin\SenseWebPublisher.exe

4.6 Excel Streaming Interface

The Excel steaming interface is located at $MSRSENSEROOT$\senscel. The project only works in VS2005 with VSTO. After installing VSTO 2005, build solution Senscel.sln.

If it builds successfully, the following files will be created in $MSRSENSEROOT$\bin\

  • Senscel.CommonLibrary.dll
  • Senscel.DataAccessLibrary.dll
  • Senscel.PacketConnectorLibrary.dll
  • Senscel.dll.config
  • Senscel.dll
  • Senscel.xls

5. Uninstall

To uninstall MSR Sense, go to Control Panel and launch Add or Remove Programs. Select MSR Sense and click Remove.