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Microsoft IPv6 Versions

Microsoft IPv6 Versions

At the time of this writing, there have been five MSRIPv6 releases, four MSDN Technology Preview releases, and a version of our IPv6 stack was included in the Windows Whistler Beta 1 release. (Note: Whistler was the codename for what is now known as Windows XP). This page is intended to help you choose which version is appropriate for your purposes. It can also serve to determine which version you currently have installed in the event that you've forgotten.

All the Microsoft Research releases support NT 4 and come with source code, whereas the Tech Previews require Windows 2000 (the 000925 and later releases also requires Service Pack 1) and are available in binary form only. Thus if you need NT 4 support or want to alter the source code, stick with MSRIPv6 1.4. Otherwise, we recommend you use the latest Tech Preview release since it has a slightly newer version of the stack than is in MSRIPv6 1.4.

One exception to the above is if you wish to try out our IPv6/IPv4 protocol translator (see NAPT). It requires MSRIPv6 1.4 on Windows 2000 (for the translator machine itself, the clients can be any IPv6 nodes). And of course, if you're running a Whistler Beta, you'll want the version of the stack that came with the Beta. We don't recommend attempting to run the Whistler version of the stack on Windows 2000 or NT 4.

The following table may be useful in determining which version of the stack you currently have installed on your machine.

Release information for various Microsoft IPv6 versions


Version  Date¹ on tcpip6.sys²
1.0  1998-03-23 
1.1  1998-06-07 
1.2  1999-01-26 
1.3  1999-06-29 
1.3  2000-01-13 

MSDN Tech Preview 
000320  2000-03-13 
000508  2000-03-13 
000925  2000-09-07 
001205  2000-09-07 

Windows (codename) Whistler 
Beta 1 (2296) 2000-10-28 


  1. File dates are "last modified" times.
  2. tcpip6.sys is the IPv6 protocol driver, you can find this file in the %SystemRoot%\System32\Drivers directory on machines where the stack has been installed.