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Histogram: Microsoft Research Data Visualization Apps for Office

A histogram shows the distribution of data. It will count and bucket data points, and create a bar graph of the frequency of those points. A histogram can be helpful to see how many data points fall into different categories.

How to use

First, add the Histogram from the Office Store. (Here are the basic instructions for getting started with Apps for Office.)

Click Sample Data to add a column of sample data to your spreadsheet.

Make sure you have data in exactly one selected, and click Set Data to set the data in the histogram to the column.

The slider controls the number of bins: drag it left to make fewer, big bins; drag right to make more, small ones.

The Color box allows you to select a color for the bars.

The histogram can view either categorical data (such as text labels) or continuous values. The Category checkbox forces the system to choose one bin for each distinct value in the dataset.


A Histogram with five bins, showing the distribution of the sample data at left.