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Distribution Modeller: Environmental Modelling at the Speed of Thought

A CEES project in association with Microsoft Research Connections

Distribution Modeller (temporary name only!) is CEES' end-to-end browser tool that lets the researcher to rapidly import data, supplement that data with environmental info from FetchClimate, specify an arbitrary model by point and click or in code, parameterize the model against the data using Filzbach, make and visualize predictions with a full propagation of parameter uncertainty – then package and share everytihng, in a way that is inspectable, repeatable, and modifiable.

Distribution Modeller is currently under development, but will be freely available soon! If you are interested in becoming an early adopter / beta tester we would be very interested to hear from you. Please email dpurves@microsoft, and / or For a sneak preview, see these videos. Thanks!