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Data Center Networking at MSRA

In this project, we are working on several aspects of data center networking (DCN), including DCN architecture, DCN infrastructure consolidating, DCN measurement and management, DCN resource management and congestion control, traffic engineering and power control, and application and OS support in DCN.


Past Researchers

  • Songwu Lu (UCLA, sabbatical leave)
  • Dan Li (Tsinghua)


We are lucky to work with a number of excellent students in this data center networking project.

  • Jiaxin Cao (USTC)
  • Qin Jia (FDU)
  • Jiabo Ju (PKU)
  • Jun Li (FDU)
  • Zhiqiang Zhou (Tsinghua)

Former Interns

  • Lei Shi (Tsinghua U, now IBM CRL)
  • Danfeng Zhang (PKU, now Cornell)
  • Yunfeng Shi (PKU)
  • Byungchul Park (Postech)
  • Xuan Zhang (Tsinghua U, now Yale)
  • Chen Tian (HUST)
  • Nan Hua (Gatech)
  • Yongqiang Yang (Nankai U)
  • Ming-Chen Zhao (SJTU, now UPenn)
  • Chao Kong (Shandong U, now with Huawei)
  • Shuang Yang (FDU, now Stanford)
  • Peng Sun (Tsinghua, now Princeton)
  • Wenfei Wu (BUAA, now UW-Madison)
  • Kai Chen (Northwestern University)
  • Yibo Zhu (Tsinghua)
  • Zhenqiang Feng (NUDT)
  • Bruce (Chen) Chen (FDU)
  • Minjeong Shin (KAIST)


  • ServerSwitch won best paper award at USENIX NSDI 2011
  • ICTCP won best paper award at ACM CoNext 2010
  • DAC fast tracked to IEEE/ACM trans. Networking from ACM SIGCOMM 2010