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Microsoft Automatic Graph Layout
Microsoft Automatic Graph Layout

MSAGL is a .NET tool for graph layout and viewing. It was developed in Microsoft by Lev Nachmanson, Sergey Pupyrev, Tim Dwyer and Ted Hart. MSAGL is available as open source at

The Distribution Content and Important Features

The package contains the following:

  • Layout engine (Microsoft.MSAGL.dll) - The core layout functionality. This component can be used directly in cases when visualization is handled by a tool other than MSAGL.
  • Drawing module (Microsoft.MSAGL.Drawing.dll) - The Definitions of different drawing attributes like colors, line styles, etc. It also contains definitions of a node class, an edge class, and a graph class. By using these classes a user can create a graph object and use it later for layout, and rendering.
  • Viewer control (Microsoft.MSAGL.GraphViewerGDIGraph.dll) - The viewer control, and  some other rendering functionality.

Some important features of the viewer are:

  • Pan and Zoom of the graph.

  • Forward and Backward navigation.

  • Ability to configure tooltips and highlighting of graph entities.

  • Ability to search for and focus on entities of the graph.

Code Samples

The code snippet demonstrates the basic usage of the viewer. It uses the C# language.

The Viewer sample

Drawing of the graph from the sampleDrawing of the graph from the sample

using System;
using System.Collections.Generic;
using System.Windows.Forms;
class ViewerSample { 
    public static void Main() { 
    //create a form 
        System.Windows.Forms.Form form = new System.Windows.Forms.Form(); 
    //create a viewer object 
        Microsoft.Msagl.GraphViewerGdi.GViewer viewer = new Microsoft.Msagl.GraphViewerGdi.GViewer(); 
    //create a graph object 
        Microsoft.Msagl.Drawing.Graph graph = new Microsoft.Msagl.Drawing.Graph("graph"); 
    //create the graph content 
        graph.AddEdge("A", "B");
        graph.AddEdge("B", "C"); 
        graph.AddEdge("A", "C").EdgeAttr.Color = Microsoft.Msagl.Drawing.Color.Green; 
        graph.FindNode("A").Attr.Fillcolor = Microsoft.Msagl.Drawing.Color.Magenta; 
        graph.FindNode("B").Attr.Fillcolor = Microsoft.Msagl.Drawing.Color.MistyRose; 
        Microsoft.Msagl.Drawing.Node c = graph.FindNode("C");  
        c.Attr.Fillcolor = Microsoft.Msagl.Drawing.Color.PaleGreen;
        c.Attr.Shape = Microsoft.Msagl.Drawing.Shape.Diamond; 
    //bind the graph to the viewer 
        viewer.Graph = graph; 
    //associate the viewer with the form 
        viewer.Dock = System.Windows.Forms.DockStyle.Fill; 
    //show the form 

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Layouts Created by MSAGL