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Microsoft Afkar

MS Afkar is an initiative to implement the technology and innovations from Cairo Microsoft Innovation Lab (CMIC) into cool ideas and scenarios targeted to impact Arabic internet users and to collect data that enables further R&D at CMIC. These ideas come from our researchers and developers and span a wide range of applications for content authoring, language tools, Internet browsing, search and much more.



Maren Reader

Maren Reader

Don’t like to read Franco-Arabic text? Do you feel it is hard to read words with mixed numbers and letters?
Maren Reader gives you the solution. It converts Franco-Arabic text into Arabic just by a mouse hover!

Save your time and read emails and posts on Facebook or twitter more quickly

Maren Transliteration

Stay connected to your Arab friends with Microsoft Maren, a smart, easy-to-use application available in three options: Desktop (On your computer), Bookmark (In your Browser) and JavaScript code (On your Website). Microsoft Maren lets you type in Arabic on an English keyboard. No more searching for Arabic alphabets, all you need to do is spell the text out in Romanized Arabic, “ezayak” for example, and Microsoft Maren will give you word options in written Arabic.

Maren AutoComplete

Say what you want even more quickly and easily with Maren Autocomplete, a smart tool that automatically completes the words you type in Arabic. Maren Autocomplete also helps you create correct sentences by giving you word options based on the context of the full phrase you type.


Maren Multilingual

Never get stuck with finding the right English words anymore. With Maren Multilingual you can simply type in classic Arabic or Romanized Arabic word in an English sentence. The application then gives you an instant and accurate English translation using Bing Translator.


Maren Morph

Maren Morph is a powerful, highly-accurate and comprehensive Arabic morphological analyzer that is intended to help Arabic users enrich their Arabic language experience.
Maren Morph automatically analyzes a given Arabic word and displays possible analyses with corresponding diacritics for each analysis. Each analysis shows the linguistic structure of the word by decomposing it into its basic morphemes, including the prefixes, stem and suffixes, and the stem is further broken-down into its root and morphological pattern.
The presented word analyses are ranked in a way that reflects their actual usage in written Arabic text, based on words usage statistics.
Maren Morph also features much more morphological information like all valid derivatives and inflections for the word subject to investigation.
Maren Morph was built to help a wide variety of users spanning Arabic language specialists, college and school students, researchers and academia staff as well as common internet users. 


Bing Answers

A "Bing answer" is a small snippet of information related to the keywords you searched for. Bing Answers quickly grab all the pertinent information and display it at the top of your search results.

CMIC has developed two answers: Muslim Prayer Times and Translate this in the AR-Xa Bing market 


Bing Translator

Bing Translator is a free translation service for online automatic translation of text and web pages. At present it offers translation services for 32 languages including Arabic, English, Spanish, French, Japanese, German, Chinese, Italian, Korean, Thai and Russian and others. 



A multi-lingual content creation tool for Wikipedia. Using WikiBhasha you can create new articles or enhance existing articles in Arabic Wikipedia.

The tool uses Microsoft’s Translator in the background to give you content translated from English articles and then you can review and edit it before submitting it to Arabic Wikipedia.