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MoodSense: Can Your Smartphone Infer Your Mood?

This project envisions that future smartphones will become even smarter by knowing more about its user’s mental states, such as user's feelings, emotions and moods. Knowing user’s mental states can significantly help better predict user’s intentions, provide highly personalized services, facilitate social interactions and improve user experience. Our approach, based on existing data streams, doesn’t require any extra hardware, is non-invasive, power-efficient and easy to deploy.


Robert LiKamWa, Yunxin Liu, Nicholas D. Lane and Lin Zhong, “Can Your Smartphone Infer Your Mood?”, in PhoneSense workshop, 2011. (Best Paper Award


Joint work with Robert LiKamWa and Lin Zhong, Rice University.

Visiting students:

Robert LiKamWa, Rice University.