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Surf Your Summer

The Multimedia, Interaction, and Communication (MIC) Group at Microsoft Research, Redmond, has several openings for summer internships in 2013. We are looking for experienced and highly motivated students in all areas of multimedia signal processing, computer vision, and graphics, including (but not limited to) the follow areas:


      • Image and video processing, audio processing, haptic
      • Multi-sensor fusion


      • Eye gaze detection and tracking
      • Face and person detection and recognition
      • Human action and activity recognition
      • Human emotion/gesture/attention recognition
      • Human-robot interaction
      • Augmented reality


      • Telepresence and immersive communication
      • Mobile teleconferencing


      • Subdivision surface techniques and GPU algorithms
      • Real-time 3D reconstruction and rendering

Your internships will be fun (beautiful pacific northwest + activities), cool (cool weather+ cool ideas), productive (good research with publications), and profitable (salary, subsidized housing and transportation, and free drinks!).

About Us

Microsoft Research is dedicated to fundamental and applied research in computer science. We are located on Microsoft's campus in Redmond, near Seattle, Washington.

The Multimedia, Interaction, and Communication (MIC) group extends the state of the art of multimedia technologies involving audio, visual, haptic, and other natural signals, comprising acquisition, representation, analysis, compression, transmission, synthesis, and rendering. We apply our expertise in computer vision, acoustics, multimedia signal processing, and information coding to improve people's experience in interacting with each other and with machines. The applications the MIC group has been working on are immersive human-human telecommunications, human-robot interaction, augmented reality, multimedia retrieval, etc.

Group Members

The members of the Multimedia, Interaction, and Communication (MIC) group are:

  • Qin Cai: immersive human to computer; human to human interactions using multimedia.
  • Wei-ge Chen: multimedia signal processing; algorithm optimization; software prototyping and optimization.
  • Yinpeng Chen: multimedia system development; human body modeling.
  • Philip A. Chou: telepresence and immersive communication; 3D capture, transmission, and rendering of the human body (teleportation); depth cameras.
  • Dinei Florencio: HRI and human role in robotics; 3D signal processing; audio processing.
  • Zicheng Liu: multimedia; computer vision; human activity recognition; emotion/gesture/attention recognition; 3D face modeling and animation.
  • Charles Loop: graphics; subdivision surface; GPU algorithms.
  • Cha Zhang: multimedia; immersive teleconferencing; computer vision; machine learning
  • Zhengyou Zhang: multimedia; computer vision; audio processing; immersive Teleperesence; bio-inspired machine learning.

Start to Apply

If interested, please

Offers of internships will be made on a “rolling” basis, so it is to your advantage to apply early. Most decisions about the internship offer will be made around February, 2013. We expect to have all responses out by the end of March.