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Medical Imaging at Microsoft Research

Through the creation of new applications and platforms, our team works to accelerate the rate of research in areas such as machine learning and computer vision making it easier for scientists to access large test datasets and compare algorithms against common benchmarks. In collaboration with clinicians, we are working towards the goal of making medical images understandable to a computer.

We work with top research institutes around the world to make data and tools available and advance the state of the art in automatic analysis of medical scans.

Software tools

GeoS for the assisted segmentation of 3-D medical scans
A very easy-to-use, free Windows application for the segmentation of anatomical regions within 2-D and 3-D medical images, such as CT, X-ray, and MR scans

CodaLab is an open source platform that enables researchers to rigorously compare the accuracy of image analysis algorithms with respect to one another.

Data downloads