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Microsoft Academic Graph

The Microsoft Academic Graph is a heterogeneous graph containing scientific publication records, citation relationships between those publications, as well as authors, institutions, journals and conference "venues" and fields of study. This data is available as a set of zipped text files stored in Microsoft Azure blob storage and available via HTTP.

Download the MAG

To download the data you need to first agree to the terms of use.

 I agree to abide by the terms of use for the Microsoft Academic Graph.  


Update: February 05, 2016

An updated version of the Microsoft Academic Graph has been released.  This version includes more papers and citations, improved conflation of duplicate entities. This version also includes two additional files for KDD Cup 2016.

Please note: in order to emphasize one important technical challenge that is common in web-scale data collection and aggregation, the data released here have undergone only rudimentary processing, for example in areas of author and paper conflation/deduplication. This noisy yet realistic dataset can provide additional avenues for research in the big data arena.

Free Azure resources are available

We encourage researchers working with this data to apply for an Azure for Research Award. Details are available on the Azure for Research award submission process at Please include the hashtag #academicgraph in your submission title for easier tracking.

Also check out the DreamSpark (for students) and BizSpark (for start-ups) opportunities!

Darrin Eide
Darrin Eide

Iris Shen
Iris Shen

Arnab Sinha
Arnab Sinha

To search over the Microsoft Academic Graph, try the preview of our new service Microsoft Academic


We kindly request that any published research that makes use of this data cites our data paper listed below.