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Link-based Ranking Algorithms

We investigated the use of hyperlinks for ranking web search results. Specifically, we evaluated the effectiveness ("retrieval performance") of known algorithms such as PageRank, HITS, and SALSA, and explored new algorithms such as spam-resistant PageRank and SALSA-SETR, a variant of SALSA.


Issued Patents

  1. Marc A. Najork. Systems and methods for ranking documents based upon structurally interrelated information. US patent 7,739,281, issued 6/15/2010.
  2. Marc A. Najork. Query dependent link-based ranking. US patent 7,792,854, issued 9/7/2010.
  3. Marc A. Najork. Query dependant link-based ranking using authority scores. US patent 7,818,334, issued 10/19/2010.
Nick Craswell
Nick Craswell