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Social Network Systems (SNS 2011)

Workshop Program

9:00 am 

Invited talk


"Architecture and Design of Neo4j, the graph database"

Peter Neubauer,
Founder and VP of Product Management,

10:00 am

Coffee break 


10:30 am 

Session 1: Social network structure


 K-Path Centrality: A New Centrality Measure in Social Networks
Tharaka Alahakoon, Rahul Tripathi, Nicolas Kourtellis, Ramanuja Simha, Adriana Iamnitchi, University of South Florida.
[ pdf , slides ]

  Partitioning Social Networks for Time-dependent Transactions
Berenice Carrasco, Yi Lu, Joana Trindade, University of Illinois.
[ pdf , slides ]

Exploring User Social Behaviors in Mobile Social Applications
Konglin Zhu, University of Goettingen; Pan Hui, Deutsche Telekom; Yang Chen, University of Goettingen; Xiaoming Fu, University of Goettingen; Wenzhong Li, Nanjing University.

[ pdf , slides ]


12:00 pm



1:30 pm 

Session 2: Systems and applications


A Recommendation System for Spots in Location-Based Online Social Networks

Betim Berjani, TU Darmstadt; Thorsten Strufe, Uni Mannheim.

[ pdf , slides ]


Design and Implementation of the Social Network File System
Charalabos Kaidos, Andreas Pasiopoulos, University of Patras; Nikos Ntarmos, University of Ioannina; Peter Triantafillou, University of Patras.

[ pdf , slides ]


Analyzing the Impact of Events in an Online Music Community
Juan Tirado, Daniel Higuero, Florin Isaila, Jesus Carretero, Universidad Carlos III.

[ pdf , slides ]


3:00 pm

Coffee break


3:30 pm 

Session 3: Security and privacy


Vulnerability in Socially-Informed Peer-to-Peer Systems
Jeremy Blackburn, Nicolas Kourtellis, Adriana Iamnitchi, University of South Florida.

[ pdf , slides ]


Facebook Immune System

Tao Stein, Erdong Chen, Karan Mangla, Facebook.

[ pdf , slides ]

5:00 pm  Reception