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Social Network Systems (SNS 2011)

Call for Papers

Social Network System (SNS) 2011 seeks papers on all aspects of social networking, especially ones that focus on large scale social networking and that bridge traditionally disjoint areas. All areas of social network systems are of interest, including the following:

  • Management and querying of large social graphs.
  • Graph query engines and query optimization for online processing.
  • Support for consistency among concurrent readers and writers to a large distributed social graph.
  • Partitioning large social graphs.
  • Data storage and organization.
  • Benchmarking, modeling, and workload characterization.
  • Crawlers and other mechanisms for observing social network structure.
  • Experiences with deployed systems.
  • Leveraging social network properties in systems design.
  • Issues of privacy and security.
  • Tools for designing and deploying social networks.
  • Application programming interfaces for social networks.
  • System support for social analytics and network dynamics.
  • Methods for integrating multiple networks.
  • Performance measurement and analysis of online social networks systems.

In addition to papers that report on the design, implementation, evaluation and deployment of systems or research work, we also actively encourage papers about new ideas, or experiences with ideas or systems. Appropriate standards will be applied to papers in different categories: for experiences papers, evaluation and lessons-learned will be more important than novelty.

SNS 2011 applies ACM's policies for plagiarism, submission confidentiality, reviewer anonymity, and prior and concurrent paper submission; see for more details.

Authors of workshop papers are explicitly encouraged to submit full paper versions to relevant conferences and journals. Workshop publication does not preclude the later submission of a more complete version of the paper to other conferences, as long as it provides a significant new contribution (e.g., a more complete evaluation of an idea).

Paper Submission

Submissions may not exceed six pages double column, including everything (i.e., figures, tables, references, appendices, etc.), and should use a 10pt font, standard spacing, and 1-inch margins. A LaTeX style file is available from the submission site. Please number pages. No changes to margins, spacing, or font sizes are allowed from those specified by the style file.

All submissions will be electronic, and must be in either PDF format (preferred) or PostScript. Author names and affiliations should appear on the title page. Reviewing will be single-blind. Accepted papers may be subsequently revised, expanded, and submitted to full conferences and journals. This workshop is sponsored by ACM, ACM SigOps, and EuroSys. Accepted papers will be allowed six pages in the proceedings. At least one author of an accepted paper will be expected to travel to the conference to present it.