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Social Network Systems (SNS 2011)
The fourth workshop on Social Network Systems (SNS'11) will gather researchers to discuss novel ideas about computer systems and social networks. Online social networks are among the most popular sites on the Web and continue to grow rapidly. They provide mechanisms to establish identities, share information, and create relationships. The resulting social graph provides a basis for communicating, distributing and locating content.

This workshop will focus on the systems issues of online social networks, including the following areas:

  1. Infrastructure support for social networks (including distributed systems, databases, and storage systems).
  2. Ways of leveraging social networks in systems design.
  3. Measurement and analysis of existing deployed social networks.

Topics of interest include, but are not limited to the following:  

  • Management and querying of large social graphs.
  • Graph query engines and query optimization for online processing
  • Support for consistency among concurrent readers and writers to a large distributed social graph.
  • Partitioning large social graphs.
  • Data storage and organization.
  • Benchmarking, modeling, and workload characterization.
  • Crawlers and other mechanisms for observing social network structure.
  • Experiences with deployed systems.
  • Leveraging social network properties in systems design.
  • Issues of privacy and security.
  • Tools for designing and deploying social networks.
  • Application programming interfaces for social networks.
  • System support for social analytics and network dynamics.
  • Methods for integrating multiple networks.
  • Performance measurement and analysis of online social networks systems.

This workshop is sponsored by ACM, ACM SigOps, and EuroSys. Workshop proceedings will appear in the ACM Digital Library.

Important Dates

Paper submission: 4 March 2011, 11:59 PM PST
Acceptance notification: 14 March 2011
Camera-ready: 21 March 2011
Workshop date:10 April 2011

(Paper submission deadline was exteneded. Old deadline was 18 February 2011.)


Workshop is colocated with EuroSys 2011 in Salzburg, Austria.


Workshop dinner is sponsered by Facebook.