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Pace your steps, catch the heartbeat, and send a word around iPox is a multi-sensor device to wear on the wrist for capturing location, heartbeat, movement, and voice recordings. The device is connected with the Smartphone via Bluetooth and enables the user to transmit data and messages and connect to Web services. Economical and easy to use, iPox enables a wide variety of applications, from observing one's personal well-being to sharing one's experience with a wider community.

Figure 1. Display of the Ipox (SensePod) device showing menu options for viewing heart rate data, activate GPS, and record messages. It used optical heartbeat sensors.

Figure 2. The device with the strap

Figure 3.  A person's Web page, showing hear beat information in real time

iPox Project was a collaboration that started between MSR Cambridge and Cyberfab in 2006. More details about the implementation of the device are available in the presentation from 2007, shown at MSR TechFest 2007


Natasa Milic-Frayling, Jamie Costello, MSR Cambridge, Michael Setton, Cyberfab