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How to Add the MSR Skype Users



1) Step 1: Find one of the Skype users



- By doing so, first click on the 'Add a contact' icon above your contact list.






- Type in any ONE of the following Skype users:, msr.connect.two , msr.connect.three, or msr.connect.four and click on it.





 2) Step 2: Create a 3-Way Conversation




- You can still contact these Skype users even though they are in your contact list. Click on the Video Call button and it should automatically answer your call.




- Once you are connected with one of the Skype users, click on the plus icon on the bottom right corner of the screen. There should be an option to add people to the call- then you may find and add your grandchild or grandparent.






This process is allows and enables us to record and document the Skype call for research purposes only.

**Note: These Skype accounts have the Skype Premium feature, which make three way video calls possible.