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The goal of the InkSeine project is to completely rethink the user interface for tablet computers. Some people have described InkSeine as "Windows Journal on steroids." But InkSeine goes well beyond Windows Journal, particularly in its features to search from ink and to easily drag hyperlinks for documents and web pages into your notes.

What makes InkSeine unique?

InkSeine is a complete rethinking of what user interfaces should be for
the digital pen and ink experience. Watch the

We've jettisoned pull-down menus and other trappings of the traditional mouse-and-keyboard interface in favor of mechanisms that are tailored to be fast and predictable when you are using a pen. This enables the tool to fade into the background so that your can really focus on your primary task: capturing your ideas, sketches, and creative thoughts.

To make it easier to access all of the information on your device, InkSeine has a great search experience integrated with inking. This offers you a really slick way to get at all your stuff without having to deal with the file system or switch to a separate "search application."

ExampleExample InkSeine note with queries, links, and clippings.When your searches turn up stuff you need, you can just drag any image, document, email, or web page into your notes. It becomes a small round icon that lets you get at the document in a fraction of a second whenever you need it again. If you drag an image out of search results from your local hard disk, the image is imported directly into your notes so that you can start marking it up. It's a great way to bring together all the stuff that you need for your projects, and sure beats the heck out of trying to tap through folders with a pen.

We hope InkSeine can help you to Rethink Your Ink, and get the most out of your Tablet PC in the process. But also be sure to let us know what you find quirky or unproductive- we are keen to make it as useful as possible, as well as to weed out things we're trying that, in the end, people don't find productive or pleasant to use.

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